Actionable Ways to Improve Your ACT Reading Score

Simply being good at reading isn’t a surefire strategy to doing well on the ACT. Here are some actionable tips to increase your ACT reading score to score in the top percentiles.
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ACT Study Plan: 1-Month, 2-Month, and 3-Month ACT Schedules

Don’t show up to the ACT unprepared. We’ve got simple 1-month, 2-month, and 3-month ACT study plans to rock your next ACT

The 8 Best ACT Prep Courses to Increase Your Scores!

Don’t risk not getting into your dream college by not preparing for the ACT! We’ve got you covered with the best ACT prep courses that have been effective
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Understanding ACT Percentiles & Your Score Report

ACT percentiles compare you to all other test takers – understanding what this means for you and your chance of admissions is critical!

4 Free ACT Study Guides to Use in Your ACT Prep

Don’t pay more than you need to for your ACT prep. We’ve got a list of 4 free ACT study guides that will get you along prepping for the test!
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Guide to the Best ACT Calculators Approved for 2020

Don’t get kicked out of the ACT test because you’re using the wrong calculator! Check out the best ACT calculators approved for 2019 (as well as what’s prohibited)

Understanding the ACT Test Information Release Service

Don’t miss your chance to use the ACT Test Information Release service to enhance your ACT prep! Learn what the ACT TIR can be used for after testing day.

3 Ways to Make ACT Test Prep More Fun

Don’t fall into the trap of boring test prep. Here are 3 ideas that will keep your ACT prep fun and bringing you back for more!

5 Free ACT Practice Tests that are Guaranteed to Improve Your Score!

Practice makes perfect. We’ve got a list of 5 free ACT practice tests that will help you to identify your weaknesses and develop a solid study plan
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What is a Good ACT Writing Score?

If you’re applying to schools that require the ACT Writing section, you need to know what is a good ACT writing score and what score will get you in!
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How to Superscore ACT Scores

Understanding how to superscore ACT scores could mean the difference between an average ACT score and a stellar score! We walk you through how to superscore with examples!

41 Ultimate Gifts for College Students

Don’t give a lame gift. Ever. We’ve got a list of 41 college student gifts where you can choose from practical to fun and everything in-between.

The ACT Test Dates for [Updated for 2020-2021 School Year]

You need to plan ahead to do well on the ACT. We’ve got the ACT test dates for 2020 and 2021 so that you can set up your study goals!

ACT Checklist for Test Day

Don’t get caught trying to enter the ACT without all the required items. Our ACT checklist will make sure you are prepared for test day!

Easy Scholarships for College & Beyond [updated for 2020]

Don’t pay more than you need for your education! We’ve got a list of easy scholarships both locally as well as nationally that you can apply for this year!

How Long is the ACT?

Don’t show up to the ACT without first preparing for how long the ACT takes and understanding how the schedule will play out on test-day! We’ve got all the details you need here.
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The 11 Best ACT Prep Books [Proven Effective for 2020]

Don’t let a poor ACT score keep you from getting into the school of your dreams. Ace the ACT with these best ACT prep books for 2020 and beyond!