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In accordance with the recent guidelines on social distancing and avoiding unnecessary gatherings, all standardized tests are seeing dramatic changes in how and when they are being administered. For those who had or will have tests coming up, we are doing our best to keep you informed of the changes or cancellations that you may experience as well as offer resources to help you to navigate this new norm.

First things first, some of you may be concerned about cancellations and how, potentially not taking your exam may affect your applications. Please refer to the official test makers for guidance:

Here are the updates that we currently have on each test and where they stand in cancellations, changes in how the test is administered, and more:

College Admissions Test (SAT/ACT):

Admissions updates for colleges are being updated regularly at the NACAC website. To view how your college or university application will be affected, click here.


The SAT scheduled for May 2, 2020 has been cancelled and so have the June SAT and SAT subject tests. 

Those who were registered for these tests will receive their money back and the College Board says it will be creating new upcoming test dates. The next test date scheduled is for August. 


The April 4 test date is rescheduled for June 13 across the US – those who registered for the April test date should have an email with details on how to reschedule. 


From March 23rd – on, students may take the GRE General Test online at home, worldwide (excluding Mainland China and Iran). This solution is deemed temporary and availability is, as far as we know, limited. Registration and eligibility guidelines can be found here. Note that this does not include the GRE Subject Tests. 

All Prometric test centers have been suspended until April 16 in the USA and Canada and tests in the Americas have been postponed. 

Live chat is available for those who need to reschedule the GRE, but this rescheduling must be done on live chat, email, or phone in order for the change fee to be waived. If you do this yourself online, you will be charged the rescheduling fee. 


If you are registered for the April 2020 LSAT, you have been automatically registered to take the LSAT-Flex in the second half of May. You may also receive a coupon to use for a different LSAT date if you do not want to take the LSAT-Flex in May. You must check the technical requirements and fill out the April 2020 Rescheduling options online form to receive a coupon for a different date. The full price of the test date will be covered by the coupon. Submit this form by April 15, 2020.

On Friday, April 17, the LSAC will announce the exact date for the May LSAT-Flex date.

Those who had planned on taking the LSAT outside of these specified locations, you’ve been auto-registered for the June 8 date.

We expect a lot more changes in the near future with the LSAC offering either at-home tests or flexible deadlines/application requirement changes for Fall 2020. For the LSAC’s updates, click here



All MCAT exams have been cancelled globally until May 21. The MCAT Registration System will be unavailable until April 17. 

All rescheduling fees will be automatically waived until further notice, regardless of exam date. See FAQ for more details. If your exam has been cancelled, you have 3 options:

Medical schools are aware of changes to the MCAT administration dates, and the AAMC is working with the schools as they begin to prepare for later test score availability for the upcoming application cycle. Please go to MSAR for school specific policies and deadlines.


NCLEX testing dates resumed, as of March 25, at limited testing centers in cities in the US and Canada. Testing requirements have changed for the centers, including a maximum of test items being 130. Maximum test time is 4 hours and the research component of the test has been eliminated. These changes are to be in effect until at least July 2020. To find test locations, you’ll need to check Pearson Vue.


Test Prep Nerd’s Response During the COVID-19 Changes

Test Prep Nerds strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information on standardized tests to help students prepare effectively. We are doing our best to support students as they figure out how these changes will be affecting them throughout the testing process as well as their applications/admissions statuses. If you have questions or require further assistance, feel free to email us at info@testprepnerds.com and we will respond as soon as we can.

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